Friday, March 8, 2013

Blanket Forts

Throw a blanket over the backs of some chairs, get ALL the couch pillows off the play room couch and EVERY box out of the toy room, put it all together and you have a fort that will bring tons of fun and tons of CLEAN-UP. Although this fort did end up with all of the items listed above, it was not too impressive in its size. It seemed like most of the couch cushions and toys went inside the fort instead of forming the fort. I kept having to control myself not to help the kids make it. First I did try to help, "This would be so cool guys, let's use the cushions as walls and make it bigger" I encouraged. I then started to move a pillow from where it had been placed and got MAJOR backlash of how I messed up their fort and that they wanted that pillow RIGHT THERE!  Oh man, I had an entire mansion designed in my head. :) 
I had them sneak out while they were hiding from bad guys so I could take a picture. The fort quickly became the backdrop for a story they had was their military fort, they were fighting bad guys...obviously. 
 Shooting the bad guys from the safety of the Fort.
 Sister wanted in on the action.

Sorry about the blurry pic. She was in their creating all kinds of havoc. The boys did a good job including her in their game. There was only 1 foot of cubic space inside the fort in which to play though, so the fort quickly met its end falling with all three of them inside. Sweet memories, building forts, creating games, creating messes.  :)


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