Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Little Shed

This event actually took place a few months ago, okay in June. I wanted to document it, although it's late. Sooo...upon my begging for more storage, Jeff built us a little shed. It is little. It had to fit in this very specific spot on the side of our house next to the garage, but NOT covering the laundry room window. It had to be custom made because of its footprint. It was little, but it was big enough that we had to have a concrete truck deliver the concrete and that was a pretty fun experience. Or maybe the concrete truck was a little overkill, but I think Jeff thought it would be awesome to NOT hand-mix all that concrete in the back of a wheelbarrow. Jeff, my dad and my sister's hubs got the pad ready. Then we all watched as this BIG truck navigated the little space between our house and the fence to dump the concrete. It was exciting. :)
The kids perched for the entertainment of the concrete truck.
An absolute must was to get the kids' handprints in the concrete. I love stuff like this. See Kennedy's tiny 9 month handprint? Oh my heart.
 Forming up the walls.

The kids were the project managers and supervisors. They helped Jeff by sitting and eating ice cream while Jeff did all the hard work. I think at this point it was July and as you can tell by Kennedy's face, it was really hot outside.
I can't remember if Jeff was finishing the roof at this point, but I think Brady was up there eating an otter pop. Since this picture was taken the trim and walls were painted and it looks absolutely perfect. It is snug up against the house and does not draw the eye. It is painted to match the stucco and Jeff did a great job! Thanks honey!I love it. 

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