Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Farm 2013

Every year we go with my friends and go fruit picking at a local farm. The trip is always full of adventure and tummies satisfied with yummy fruit. I am pretty bad at the "bringing fruit home" concept; I can't seem to fill up my bucket faster than the kids can eat the fruit I put in it.
It was a hot day, upper 90's. Here the kids are taking a break in the shade of the blueberry bushes. Please notice the lack of blueberries in there bags and bucket. While they rested they enjoyed the fruits of my/their labor...hehe, get it.
 Best Friends.

 All the kids in the crew this year. There were so many little ones that it was hard to get a picture with all of them looking. This was the best I could do. :)
After we pick all the fruit our basket and tummies can hold the kids jumpo on this GIANT yellow trampoline blob. It is, of course, their favorite part. 

Brother and sister playing on the big yellow blob together.

 Brady getting big air. ;)
Best Brothers. We always have fun at the farm.

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