Saturday, February 9, 2013

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Our cousin turned 10 and had a laser tag birthday party! It was AWESOME!!! It was definitely one of the top 10 birthday parties I have ever been to for little kids. Here is why, the little boys thought they were in heavy combat and played for two hours straight. The parents thought they were in heaven as their children ran around continuously while they sat with their coffees and pizza and talked uninterrupted. Okay so the previous description of the parent's was actually the just the moms. The dads were out playing laser tag with the little boys, inflating their male egos as they one upped their children and shot them from distances much farther than their boys could muster.
Brady in the combat zone.

Cody ready for laser action.
Brady did not really get the "hide behind an object so that you don't get shot" memo. He just walked out and took action. He is so brave.

Cody facing off with one of the big boys.

The little girls ran around the laser tag course screaming and laughing for a while, but then decided that the horses were really where the fun could be found. Cousin Kohle and little Kennedy, they are sister/cousins. It was a fantastic day. Thanks for having a laser tag birthday party Carter!!!!

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